Each GelinAbaci design is made to order and can be custom designed in the following metals:

  • 14k white or yellow
  • 18k white or yellow or rose gold
  • 950 platinum or 950 platinum/ 18k gold combinations

  • Platinum Education
    • According to Platinum Guild:

      • Platinum is heavier than other precious metals - 60% heavier than karat gold.   Its weight feels more substantial to the wearer, serving as a constant, subtle reminder of its superior qualities.
      • Because platinum does not oxidize, it will not tarnish like other precious metals, and there is no need for plating in order to maintain its bright color.  And, platinum's white appearance complements the brilliance and depth of diamonds and colored gemstones it surrounds.
      • Platinum is hypo-allergenic, and so it will not irritate sensitive skin like some other precious metals.


      **Image provided by Platinum Guild

  • Gold Education
    • Gold is one of the most desired metals for thousands of years, as this traditional element varies in color from yellow, rose (of a light pink hue) to white. One of the unique properties of this metal is that it retains its self from tarnishing, corroding, and rusting.
      When trying to decide between the gold karats there are a couple of things to consider.

      • The difference in color/ alloys
      • The difference in price between the gold karats

      Gold is a very unique metal. The more pure the gold, the softer the metal becomes which allows it to be too soft for every day activity. Measured in Karats (k), gold is alloyed with other metals to increase its durability. These metals include, silver, copper, nickel, and zinc. The more gold a piece has the higher the number of karats.

      • 24 karat=100% gold
      • 18 karat=75% gold
      • 14 karat=58.5% gold