Diamond Education - Color

Color refers to the scale that compares diamonds to a range from a D (colorless) - Z (yellow in tent) rating. Each diamond is given a color grade that displays its range of color on the scale. D color diamonds have no color (hue) and are the most expensive, N - W or Z depending on the chart is the least expensive. The best choice of diamond colors for jewelry is D-J because they have little to no color at all. Depending on your metal choice, D-I is the best choice for platinum and white gold metal settings. Colors below I have  very light to light yellow tints and can appear more yellow in those types of metal settings, and are usual best suited using yellow gold metals.

  • Colorless D – F
    • DEF color

      D – This rare diamond is completely colorless to the unaided eye.
      E – This diamond is almost completely colorless with microscopic traces of slight color that can seen and found by trained experts.
      F – At the end of the near colorless spectrum, these diamonds have small specks of color only seen by trained experts. This color offers a great value for someone looking for a colorless diamond.

  • Near Colorless G – I
    • color GHI

      G – Nearly colorless and an excellent value for your money.  Color will not be seen with an unaided eye.
      H / I – Slight trace of color that can only be seen to the unaided eye next to a colorless diamond.

  • Slightly Tinted J - L
    • color JKL

      J / K / L – These diamonds appear to have slightly seen color.  They are of great value and still offer great appearance.

  • Slight Yellow M - O
    • color MNO

      These fancy colored diamonds have color that is visible to the unaided eye. Popularly known as “yellow” diamonds these offer a great value for someone that is not looking for a colorless diamond.