GelinAbaci is a company that grew out of a concept held by Gabriel Gelin and Sam Abaci. Together they have a combined total of more than 50 years in the jewelry industry.

Abe Gelin (second generation) has helped evolve GelinAbaci through Marketing and Customer Service.

Since its inception, GelinAbaci has made a name in the industry as the premier designer of Tension Jewelry in the United States. In keeping with the ever-changing desires of consumers, they continue to add more unique styles to their popular Tension Collection and Amoré Wedding Band Collection.


Tension Collection

Each Tension Ring is made especially to your specifications. Depending on the style, there is 65 to 95 lbs. of pressure applied to the girdle of the center stone. The Tension Setting allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the center stone, creating brilliance that is superior to all traditional settings (prong, bezel, channel, etc.). Tension products are available in platinum, 18 karat gold, 14 karat gold, and palladium500.

GelinAbaci takes great pride in the creation of beautiful and original designs. Artisans who focus their attention on quality, craft each of our Tension set designs. We guarantee our craftsmanship to meet or exceed the highest standards in the jewelry industry. GelinAbaci recommends that you insure all your fine jewelry against theft or loss.

To ensure our high quality, each design from GelinAbaci goes through a rigorous inspection process. Each stone is carefully inspected when it arrives at our facility. This includes checking for any surface or internal imperfections. Tension setting places the center stone under pressure to provide optimum strength, elegance and security. GelinAbaci assures the design and craftsmanship of our Tension settings, which are engineered to accommodate your center stone. Once your jewelry is complete, the Tension jewelry is re-inspected by our quality control staff.

Each Tension design is engraved inside with a serial number indicating the following:

· Style number
· Carat weight
· Date of manufacture
· Authorized Jeweler's name

All GelinAbaci jewelry is stamped with the accurate karat on the inside. GelinAbaci Tension Jewelry is made in platinum, 18-karat gold, 14-karat gold,  palladium500 or appropriate combinations. The following stamps signify the metal type used:

  •  585 = 14k
  •  750 = 18k
  • Plat950 = Platinum
  • PD500 = Palladium 500

    Amore Collection

    GelinAbaci takes great pride in offering designer wedding bands of the finest quality. Each GelinAbaci wedding band is crafted in 14 karat, 18 karat, platinum, or combinations thereof to show the intricate detail of each design. Our Amoré Collection wedding bands have a lifetime warranty against any imperfection in design or workmanship. The GelinAbaci signature inside our rings  is your guarantee of quality and value. Each ring is hand inspected before leaving our facility.

    All diamonds used in GelinAbaci rings have been selected for their excellent color, cut, and clarity. Loss of diamonds due to physical abuse is not considered a defect and therefore is not covered under warranty. To ensure lifetime warranty, all major service(sizing, setting, etc.) must be performed by GelinAbaci.

    At GelinAbaci we strive for customer satisfaction. Great pride goes into the quality, beauty and design of our rings.

    The "Where to Buy" section of our site can help you find an authorized jeweler.

    GelinAbaci rings are crafted to last forever…………….. just like your love.